There has never been a mobility van more spacious than the Toyota Sienna with VMI Northstar.  Access360. 

With the most clearance at the door, interior head room, and floor space to maneuver the biggest of wheelchairs, the Toyota is head and shoulders above the rest. 


Add to that its stylish appearance and cutting-edge technology, and you’ll know why the Sienna represents a new era in wheelchair accessible vehicles. 


The Toyota Sienna can be built as a side entry conversion with either a power INFLOOR or power FOLD OUT ramp. 

A manual INFLOOR ramp is also available on a side entry van.  As always, the conversion consists of a lowered floor, automatic kneel system, automatic door and removable front seats (only the passenger seat is removable in manual configuration).


Rear Entry Toyotas are available too, in either the power or manual conversion.


Toyota Availability:

Side Entry, Power

Side Entry, Manual

Rear Entry, Power

Rear Entry, Manual