And for those who dare to be different, the Fiat 500L, Kia Soul, and Scion xB are also available as wheelchair accessible vehicles, with lowered floor conversions provided by Freedom Motors.

Whether you are a driver or a passenger, use a wheelchair or a scooter, want a minivan or a vehicle that looks like no other, Brunswick Mobility is your one-stop shop for all your mobility needs.


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With the advancement in technology, life is becoming easier to live daily. It used to be a great hassle for disabled persons to ride in cars due to several challenges such as chair loading, hassles of transfers, etc. However, now, there are handicapped vans that are specially made to make transportation convenient for them.

To persons with a disability and need for a wheelchair to get around, handicapped vans are more than a convenient utility; it is a means of eliminating their mobility difficulties. Non-disabled persons may take this type of vans for granted; however, without such automobiles, transportation would be very awkward for them.

Although many wheelchair users feel reluctant to switch from their cars to wheelchair-accessible vans due to cost, there are several benefits that handicapped vans offer that make transportation hassle-free.

  1. Greater Independence

Handicapped vans come with a lot of conveniences. Riding in cars is fun, but it has its attendant limitations; in that, the person with a disability is at the mercy of a caretaker, who is burdened with the responsibility of transfers and chair loading. It could be a lot of inconvenience for the caretaker and you because you cannot go about your business as you wish without someone to help you around. However, with a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, there is much independence and freedom as the wheelchair user can get onboard with the wheelchair without too much assistance, physical struggle, or hassles.

  1. Reduction in Pain and Fatigue

When a wheelchair user uses a car for transportation frequently, there is a high possibility of such person experiencing pain and fatigue due to frequent seat transfers. It is almost impossible to make a smooth transfer to a car especially if the vehicle seat height does not match that if the wheelchair; the user will likely have pains in the neck, back, and shoulders. However, handicapped vans have a ramp for entry and no transfer to the van or chair loading is required. You can easily pull to the driver or passenger position. With this development, nobody is burdened or stressed. Therefore, you have the freedom to live happily, independent, and stress-free.

  1. Saves Time

More often than not, it takes much time to get a wheelchair user and the wheelchair into a car. However, the handicapped vans use lift or ramp system that is more efficient to get a user on board, and it saves quite a lot of time.

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