Fan Mail

“I cannot thank you enough for helping by repairing the lift on our school vehicle this past Saturday. I really needed that vehicle for Monday; because of your willingness to help, the van was in use this morning. I will be sure to tell my colleagues in other school districts.” — T.E., Metuchen Board of Ed

“Diane, First of all I have to say Thank You, for just being you would be the best description. The difficulties of an “altered ability” are without a doubt immense physically and mentally. One very important thing for non-afflicted people to remember is that in most cases, not all but most, the person they are dealing with was at one time normal by most standards making the adjustments to a different lifestyle not only physically challenging but more importantly, mentally challenging!! With that said, honestly, you have a unique ability to allow clients confidence and trust. A broad knowledge of available options is important, no doubt about that, but knowing the “person”, hearing them, listening carefully then cleverly modifying to fit their wants is when allows the confidence needed to hit that comfort zone all people need. The mental state of anyone, no matter what walk of life, determines if they will succeed or not. I am thrilled that I made the decision I did to change my affiliation with another dealer, I hit that comfort zone from our first conversation.” — Carol